Monday, August 29, 2011

A Pinch of Inspiration

I absolutely love mornings--especially, like this weekend, when I can enjoy my coffee in the fresh, clean morning air. Ahhh. It's like being on vacation. And it would all be so perfect, except for the pinched nerve in my back. Not fun. It all started with a pulled hamstring (going too fast and apparently not warmed up enough for the treadmill) and when the exercises from the physical therapist didn't work, the pain traveled up!

Doctors can't seem to do much, and I don't like pain pills, so I stretch, use ice and heat, and take the occasional Aleve. 
But then I found an intriguing website: and I love the user-friendly language and getting some education about what's really going on with my back, so I thought I'd share in case anyone has had similar problems. Plus, if you share this link on your blog, you can download one of their books free! Who knows how many writers, stitchers and crafters out there suffer from pinched nerves and back pain. We need all the helpful information we can get.

I exercise and stretch every day, so this is an unexpected issue--but, I'm getting on with my daily activities the best I can! I can still get up and go, so I do!

And besides my pinched nerve, I got another pinch recently, and it was a little pinch of inspiration. I love those! In a very bohemian-style store at the mall I found Russian doll coin purses. Precious! I love Russian dolls, but the embroidery, fabrics and trim on the little coin purse is gorgeous and has inspired me to do my own design. I can't believe this little coin purse was only $5! So I'm going to buy a few more to stow away as gifts.

Sweet little loop at the top and purple zipper
I'm thinking about creating a little Russian doll pillow, and little squares for a wall hanging too. We'll see how the pinched nerve holds up!

A box of flowers in my front yard--makes me happy and I forget all about back troubles! 
Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch!

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